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Chairman: John Ankerman

Vice Chairman: Richard Watt

Secretary: Phil Wardle

Treasurer: Anne Norris

VBOA National Rally Organiser: John Ankerman


Non-committee Roles

Membership Applications: Tom Williams

Model Car Sub-committee: Barry Harvey

Website: Paul Marshall


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1. Title and Description.
The title shall be the "Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association" hereafter referred to as the VBOA or the Association.
The Association is a worldwide group of Clubs for Vauxhall, Opel, Bedford and Holden enthusiasts, headed by an Association Committee of representatives from the affiliated Clubs, hereafter referred to as the Clubs. Clubs may use the VBOA title eg. in Club magazines to indicate membership but not to endorse any action, company or product.

2. Association Contact Address.
The contact for general matters is that of the Secretary by post, telephone and at the discretion of the Secretary, by e-mail.
Clubs may not use the Association address for directing their own mail.

3. Objectives of the Association.
To further interest in the preservation, history & active use of Vauxhall, Opel, Holden and Bedford vehicles.
To maintain close contact between, and support for, UK and overseas Clubs.
To act as a forum for Clubs to discuss suggestions, problems etc.
To maintain a liaison with Vauxhall Motors Ltd (VM) and suitable suppliers on all matters of mutual interest.
To provide Clubs with such benefits and privileges as it is possible to arrange.
To assist Clubs concerning the re-manufacture and acquisition of spares.
To maintain sufficient funds to cover the general administration of the Association and to organise selected shows.
To promote at least one major show each year.
To assist in co-ordinating the entry of Clubs to large UK and International shows and rallies.
To encourage and assist Clubs in their dealings with worthwhile organisations eg. Motor Sports Association (MSA), Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) etc. 
To assist in passing legal advice and information to Clubs. 

4. Management.
The authority and responsibility for the business of the Association shall be vested in the Officers and Committee.

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Membership of the VBOA is open to all UK clubs that cater for owners of Vauxhall cars, Bedford commercial vehicles or Opel cars.

Overseas membership is open to all non-UK clubs that cater for Vauxhall cars or Bedford commercial vehicles.

Guidelines for Clubs wishing to join the VBOA

These guidelines are not intended to deter potential member clubs but to protect the good name of the VBOA and Vauxhall Motors Ltd. The VBOA is a friendly group of enthusiasts keen to foster the activities of all member clubs.

  • Applications should be addressed to the Secretary
  • The Secretary will pass the application to the chair of the Membership Application sub-committee
  • Each club applying for membership will be advised of the constitution of the VBOA and the VBOA's working definitions of 'club' and 'member'
  • The Membership Application sub-committee will assess each applying club; look at how it operates, what members get for their membership fee and how the club meets the VBOA requirements
  • The Membership Application sub-committee will compile a brief report for consideration by the VBOA committee at its next meeting. The sub-committee report will contain as a minimum:
    • Name of club seeking affiliation
    • Established since (date)
    • Number of current paying members
    • Previous history
    • Models supported
    • Membership fee
    • Financial model (non profit / profit)
    • Membership benefits
    • Meets VBOA requirements? (Tick list of points)
    • Recommendation of way ahead (invitation or specific feedback)
  • For UK based clubs, the committee will either invite the applicant club to give a presentation on its activities at a future VBOA committee meeting or arrange for appropriate feedback to be given or information requested which could facilitate the membership request. Communication to the applicant club will be via the Membership Application sub-committee. Overseas clubs will not be required to make a presentation
  • At the conclusion of an applicant club presentation to the VBOA committee, the application will be discussed and immediate feedback given. The Membership Application sub-committee will provide support to the vote decision and will put forward any additional information that it deems necessary
  • If successful, the applicant club is welcome to attend all VBOA meetings and events for a probationary period of 12 months
  • Clubs are required to nominate a representative (or a small number of rotating representatives) to attend VBOA committee meetings which are held in Luton approximately 6 times a year. Attendance standards are monitored and enforced as per the Constitution.

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In 1996 a meeting was arranged at the Vauxhall Heritage Centre in Luton for the clubs that represented the Vauxhall, Bedford and Opel marques in the UK. Because Vauxhall was unable to give individual support to the growing number of owner's clubs, they suggested the formation of an intermediary body which could also liaise with other trade and industry bodies.  

A second meeting of the clubs was convened by John Law of the Cavette Owner's Club at Telford where a committee was established and a name agreed for a new association of owner's clubs. The founding committee of the Vauxhall, Bedford, Opel Association was Terry Cobbold, Chairman, Ron Ruggins, Secretary and Gordon Davies, Treasurer. It was also agreed that the main combined club event of the year, the All Vauxhall Rally at Billing Aquadrome, should come under the wing of the VBOA as the long term organisers of this popular event, Alan and Peter Pope, were finding it increasingly difficult to cope on their own. 

With Mandy Sanderson replacing Ron Huggins as secretary, the VBOA moved forward to organise its first event, Billing 1997. Their efforts were rewarded by a turnout of 800 cars which increased to 1500 the following year. These early years put a personal financial strain on the Committee, so it was agreed that clubs would pay a small one-off fee on affiliation. Welcome support also came from Peter Blincow and others at Vauxhall. The Association's efforts were rewarded that year by an award for the best new car club/association of a yard of ale, which is proudly displayed in the Vauxhall Heritage Centre. 

Having put the association on a firm footing, Terry and Gordon stood down at the end of their term in 2000 and were replaced by the former Vice Chairman, John Ankerman and Anne Norris, with Colin Robbins stepping in as the new Vice Chair. With the formation of Vauxhall Heritage Services, the VBOA received welcome additional support and expertise from Deborah Atkins and her team. Billing was further developed to become a source of revenue for the association, via a thriving autojumble and trade area. In 2003, the VBOA put on a special Vauxhall Centenary event at the Billing rally, complete with souvenir programme and special displays. The VBOA was also active in the organisation of the Vauxhall Centenary 1000 Mile Trial. 

In 2004, ex-Vauxhall director Ian Coomber became Chairman and Barry Harvey, also ex-Vauxhall, became Secretary. 

In 2005 Billing was renamed the VBOA National Rally in recognition of the growing Opel club presence and we welcomed CCC Insurance Limited as the first sponsor of the event. 

The VBOA now organises or co-ordinates four events a year and continues in its role as liaison with Vauxhall and other organisations to further the work of the clubs and the growing interest in Vauxhall, Bedford and Opel cars and commercial vehicles.

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The VBOA is the official Vauxhall Motors recognised coordinating body for clubs catering for owners and enthusiasts of Vauxhall, Bedford and Opel vehicles in the UK and for Vauxhall and Bedford vehicles overseas. The VBOA organises events for associated clubs and their members and acts as liaison on car, commercial vehicle and owners' club matters with Vauxhall Motors and other interested bodies. Membership of the VBOA is open to all owners' clubs for the Vauxhall, Bedford and Opel marques.

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