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Choosing the right second-hand car for you may seem like a hard thing to do, yet simply bearing in mind five key pointers will put you on the path to getting the best used vehicle for you. Whether you get a used car at Evans Halshaw or a private dealer, there are a number of strategies you should adopt.

The first thing to do it is thoroughly research the car you want. Naturally, you should prioritise affordability, reliability and practicality - features which thankfully apply to most Vauxhall models. However, people should also consider budgeting for fuel, tax insurance and general running costs. Particularly with older used cars, you don't want additional maintenance bills soon after buying it, so be sure to account for other possible expenditure.

Consider the pros and cons of buying a used car from a private dealer, too. While some of the best deals can be found here, you may find yourself pulled in by a questionable seller hiding damage that could cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds to fix. However, if you buy your motor from an established dealer, you will be offered a warranty and perhaps given extras such as new tyres and 12 months of MOT or tax. 

Third on the list is to check if a used car is genuine. Demand documentation such as the V5 document, establishing if the registered keeper is the seller. Current and previous MOT certificates must also be available, as should the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You also need to get hold of an insurance certificate and service history before a vehicle background check is carried out by you; this will ensure the used car isn't stolen, an insurance write-off in the past, or carrying outstanding finance. 


Finally, see the car with a friend by your side. Go during the day to check the vehicle, requesting to see it at their home for added safety, while also researching prior to the visit on any faults that can crop up with the model. A test drive will establish if it's mechanically sound or suits your driving style. If you want to buy it, don't be too keen; haggle down the price, as most sellers will naturally include additional room for manoeuvre.

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